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SSL-Secure Sockets Layer

You may have heard the term SSL (secure socket layer) before, but do you know what it means?

If not then let me tell ya-this is an important security feature for your website. The purpose behind this technology was to allow people who visit a particular webpage on our site to be assured that they’re being viewed only by themselves and no one else! This way if someone tried hacking into their system or peeked through some windows while looking around inside another room -all would look clear outside because there wouldn’t really exist any visible signs pointing towards intrusion activity taking place within.

Google thanks you for investing in an SSL certificate. Now, your search engine rankings will be higher than before!
The input is about how installing a secure socket layer (SSL) certificates on one’s website increases their ranking with Google when compared to sites without the security feature installed – this means that by implementing these types of measures companies are doing themselves and others like them favors as well because there aren’t many other ways around safe browsing practices nowadays aside from using an encrypted connection between computer/tablet etc., which also helps keep data safer during transfer since nobody can see what sent over unsecured networks

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